Popshot Magazine



Popshot is an illustrated literary magazine that publishes short stories, flash fiction and poetry from the literary new blood”

I was so intrigued by the illustrations and their contemporary themes that I subscribed to their magazine and I finally got them today. And did I mention that it’s a British publication? I’m saving the read when I get to work because it gets so hectic that I just need some time to myself and read/sketch/listen to music.


There’s something about the illustrations used for publication that are so interesting. Both write-ups and illustrations complement each other and I’m trying to achieve that. We’ll see.

In fact, just a few weeks back I sent some of my sketches to try my luck of having them use them for their magazine. Unfortunately, I believe my sketches were inferior to what they were looking for and probably of a primary standard as compared to what is shown above.  Still, it’s 64 pages of inspiration for me.



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