X Factor USA 2012 Live Show 1

It’s finally the live show for X Factor USA 2012 and I’ve been waiting for this episode only because I wanted to watch the groups. Truthfully, I’m only interested in the groups so here’s what I think of them.

Lyric 145

Doing a mash-up of “Boom! Shake the Room”  and “Gangnam Style”, I think Lyric 145 was very entertaining. The short Gangnam Style chorus made me smile. The only criticism I have for their performance is that it lacks melody. Their rendition of “Party in the USA” during the judges house had a perfect fusion of melody and rap which is why I thought that worked. I didn’t have the goosebumps for the first performance at the live shows but it’s still great nevertheless.

Sister C

Also known as the harmonizing sisters, Sister C performed “Hell on Heels”. You either love them or loathe them. I have always supported them but this performance is forgettable to me. There’s no Wow factor or in this case, ‘X’ factor, so maybe that’s why Simon sent them home.

Emblem 3

Emblem 3 really did surprise me and I did have my doubts about this group over Playback but they sounded like a professional boy band.They had so much connection with the audience with the right style and swag to their performance of “One Day”. Maybe that’s why out of all the groups Simon gave a standing ovation to Emblem 3. I was actually in bed watching their X Factor and I was smiling the during the entire performance, so it’s that good. I don’t know if this is a good thing but I can’t help but picture backstreet boys or the 90s boy bands.

1432 (formerly Lylas)

Singing, “We’re never ever getting back together”, I can see the potential in 1432. They sounded great. I liked their cover of the song. I just think they need more connection and glue with the rest of the group members. From their performance, Dinah looked like that’s not the genre of song she’s comfortable with and I’m still judging 1432 individually which clearly states that they have a lot of work to do to become one great girl group. Nevertheless, I like them a lot.

Here’s my ranking for this week:

1) Emblem 3

2) Lyric 145

3) 1432 (awaiting their new name)

4) Sister C

Until next time!!


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