X Factor Season 2 USA 2012 _ Live shows 2

If there’s any show in the X factor that you need to watch, then it has to be the Live shows 2 because it will show whether which contestant is a one trick pony and which has the massive potential.


Singing a mash-up “My Girl” / “California Gurls” / “What Makes You Beautiful”, Emblem 3 once again delivered a fun and relatable performance. The tune from the song “What makes you beautiful” was such a wise choice because it made the other 2 song more fresh. It takes a while to get used to a 3 way mash up of such already-great songs and they achieved just that.


When I saw in the video title, “Mary Poppins Rap”, the first song that struck me was “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious”. And you know I just googled the title and paste it right here. Lyric 145 never fails to entertain me. Their choice of songs are so unique and clever but I’m still waiting for melody to be intertwined in their performance. I found myself grooving to their performance and they seem like professionals already! I can’t wait for their next performance.

Fifth Harmony

I was blown away by Fifth Harmony’s performance of “A Thousand Years”. They made me love the song and I had the goosebumps from them. . The harmonies were spot on and I love the arrangement of the song. I can find nothing wrong with that performance.

So for this week, here’s my ranking for the groups:

1) Fifth Harmony

2) Emblem 3

3) Lyric 145 (But still great though)


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