Take the bite of silence

It’s good to talk to your friends about anything under the sun and you’ll feel like there’s always that one person who would understand what you are going through; that’s friends with benefits.

Now, when the weighing scale is tipped with the burden of maintaining that friendship, you get this dilemma on whether it’s worth keeping a friend that would eventually cost you (literally or not). I’m all for friends with benefits and against toxic friends (if there is anyone who just gives you this negative and toxic energy, it’s best to avoid it). But what if that friend makes you smile all the time but there’s one thing that just makes you think twice about the relationship? What do you do?

Do you:

a) Question the stage of friendship you two are at? (Whether it’s best to be hi-bye friends, or otherwise)

b) Not let that one obstacle ruin such alleged perfect friendship?

Here is how I see it now: hiding behind my friend’s assurance and pretending that what was said is the truth. And then suffering and burning in the end. But the thing is, I am suffused with a sense that there’s more out there than the ‘truth’. And while it’s unwise for me to just throw away such friendship — considering how rare it is to hold onto it — I’m still being covered by this black cloak that is draining me but I am constantly putting on a mask to hide my emotions.

Why then to I ask you to stay away from such toxic friends when I am keeping the toxin within? There are so many ways to release those toxins from your body but it starts with yourself, or in my case, me. If not, I’ll never feel free for there’s the bedevilling of being poisoned.

Still, you take what you get right?




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