Eat your veggies right!

In my previous post, “Turned into animals“, I talked about how we have all, in one way or another, exhibit a certain characteristic of an animal. I can safely say that I’m a cow.

I’m a picky eater but when it comes to vegetables, I’m not a particular eater. I just do not like lady’s fingers. That vegetable shown in the picture, I do not know what it’s called but it’s as bitter as burnt rubber. In the midst of chewing during the photo taking did I realize that I was suppose to couple it with a sauce. It was a traumatic experience.

Besides, if I can swallow that pile of leaves, I can surely take in the bitterness in life. Why do I always link up random acts into my depressive life, you ask? Well, I can’t answer that. And if a sense of bitterness can act like a warning signal, why then are we still consuming food that are bitter?

If we can, under all that bitter taste, see the benefit of such product, be it vegetables or a task at work, then wouldn’t it be worth it? Even for that short moment of distaste, you just know that there is something better coming next. And while the pessimists still hope lesser that others, there are others who will bounce back on their feet.

So let’s not allow the injustices of life make us bitter in the first place.

If only there’s a fruit or a drug that could change me and make me a better person. 




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