Silence got so cold


It’s starting to sink into me that I’m ending my service soon and there’s so many things I’ve yet to complete. Anyways, it’s been a while since I just list what I did today. Lately, my posts have been depressing but like always it fades over time and I’ll be prepared for the next one.

So Saturday has been a very Broadway and Musical day for me. I watched Sister Act 2. Lovely performance and that shall always remain as my classic movies.

sister act 2

And nothing beats the feeling of watching a dramatic musical number from The Lion King on Broadway. (From Youtube of course, I can’t possible have the whole musical recorded) I love the performance, “Shadowland” and the hair-raising performance of “Circle of Life

Lion King on Broadway - H 2012

And then from the Related Videos of Youtube, I watched the entire Tony Awards Ceremony and its performances.

The beauty of Theater; such freedom from the unpredictability torments of reality, undeniably fantastic costumes of amazing characters to put on and a script with heart-warming and climatic lines to perform with.

If only I could sing and have flexible limbs to contort my way into Broadway.




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