Beyond the borders of man

Metal man 2

We have all looked at everything as one element; one that Man can just make use of. The beauty of nature and everything else has been overlooked and taken granted of. We do not live a savage life anymore and yet somehow it all seems bleak.

The gears in our minds are often taken apart and we are stripped bare by the saturation of problems and issues of today. The one thing that’s keeping our sanity together are the chains from reality, but it is hard to say whether they are for better or for worse; holding us grounded or being triggered by the coldness of an element that keeps us down.

Metal man 3

One thing is clear though: we have all become warriors of our own fight and each of us are equipped with the knowledge of our own weaknesses. That, however, has come to overwhelm us of what’s important and worth fighting for. It is a timely reminder that we put things back in perspective and focus on the things that matter the most, because not all fights end on a good note. So might as well put in all the energy we have on the things thst matter even (even with the bare essentials). We just have to see what’s beyond us and find the strengths that we need to survive.

So get connected to your own essential and find yourself under all the clutter because you only need to focus on one thing: You

Metal man 5


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