Glam:Lelaki (Style:Men)

Look what I found when I stepped into Malaysia? It’s (Glam:Lelaki) Style:Men; Malay edition. I can’t lie: the first thing I wanted to look for in Malaysia was a local fashion/style magazine.
glam lelaki

And then I realized something oddly familiar: The cover! It’s almost the same of June’s issue of Style:Men magazine. I then realized that there are 4 more other covers of December’s issue of Glam:Lelaki magazine; same concept but with different colours and cover celebrities.

Yet, there’re major differences that I saw after an hour of analysis on the bus to Melaka.


There are definitely more words in Glam:Lelaki magazine which is unfortunate because a page or more filled with malay words featuring Ramli Sarip, a musician and songwriter, would make it a blur for me to read.

Also, Style:Men’s headings have puns in them which makes it more interesting and intriguing. Like “System Reboot” to feature a pair of Calf leather boots by Tod’s. Maybe in the Malay language there are no use of puns. I’m not sure.

2) Layout

Let’s just say you see a lot more white in Glam:Lelaki than in Style:Men. There are no price indications for the products they feature which is crucial, I believe, when it comes to featuring a product. But, truth be told, the price is not important for me because there is just no way I can afford it. Also, the layout makes it look like a catalog; lacking texture and drama in the magazine.


3) Styling/Products

In Style:Men, the photography skills really brings out the nature of the bag — be it by the use of props (to compliment the product) or angular/focus shots (to emphasize the quality of the product).

Glam:Lelaki also lacks the spread where they introduce the recommended looks. With varying themes like Royalty and Prince Charming to the men of the rebellious age, it’s as if Style:Men has already laid out what matches for a specific style. Now isn’t that great?


So I’m glad Style:Men and other men’s magazine has quality material and features and I’m so trying my hardest to work for them.




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