The end is near, Happy New Year!

Out with the old

I guess it’s that time of the year when I actually reflect 2012 during the next hour. I can safely say that my life is not similar to that of a thrill-seeker but 2012 has made me more aware of my emotions.

Now for the top life lesson that I have learnt from 2012 (because I only need one)

1) Follow your gut feelings: Either back out or take a risk.

The rambling man

I’ve made a lot of great mistakes over the past year;

  • I wrote a short confession story for a crush of mine and it didn’t turn out the way I wanted to and we’ve never spoken since (It’s quite stupid when I think about it considering the time and energy I took to write that);
  • I’ve hidden the truth from so many of my friends and it has driven us apart;
  • I bought a harp, without thinking of the long run (but I did get another one for free)
  • My timid self has often been misunderstood as aloofness and it took a long while to open up and be myself.

And while my gut feelings doesn’t always go according to plan, I always feel that it is meant to be and there’s a lesson in every action that fails.

Sketch 7

As for my new year’s resolutions, I’ve mentioned in last year’s New Year’s post that I try not to make empty promises but then again it’s always fun to write about them. And since I’m ending my National Service in about 11 days, this is truly fresh beginnings for me.

1) Cut down on my sugar intake.

2) Be more spontaneous.

3) Get myself more involved in writing and art because creativity has been the one constant that has made this life of mine more bearable.

It’s pretty much the same as last year’s but I’m definitely not going to let the mistakes of 2012 be repeated next year.



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