Challenge Day 1: Art, Fashion, Words …


Challenge Day 1: Something I love


When it comes to the things I love, the word ‘Inspiration‘ and ‘Creativity‘ would immediately be conjured in my head. Unlike thrill seekers who would think of adrenaline-pumping activities like Bungee jumping, sailing or hiking, I seek for inspiration to create and I want to inspire people by doing so.

Any form of inspiration and creativity works for me; Art, Fashion, Literature, Architecture, Nature etc. But the first three are the top ones for me. If I sat down with my sketchbook and start sketching or sat with my laptop/notebook and start writing or sat in a museum and just appreciate and think about a painting, I get zoned out from reality in a state where my unconscious and conscious mind work together to reduce all the ideas I have in my head and produce or create something. That is the feeling that I love.

Whether it is creating something or destroying something, that’s what makes me happy. And I am so blessed to be in a family that encourages creativity. My father was very good at working with materials such as wood or metal and he would combine technology and craft together to create works of art. My mother, on the other hand, designs, bakes, sews, draws and gets herself involve in many activities that promotes the creative thinking process. Growing up with endless inspiration surrounding me, it is no wonder I’m drawn to artistic works.

And in a way I would want to do the same thing to others; to inspire people. The ever-changing nature of art, fashion and literature has so much to offer and that’s why I love it.



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