Challenge Day 2: ne m’oubliez pas

Challenge Day 2: A couple

sketch 11

I sketched both of these this afternoon with today’s writing challenge, “A couple” in mind. I guess I’ll name the sketch above, “A couple” then.

See the story’s about how people from total opposite background and upbringing can still fall in love. The sketch depicts an ancient roman figure beside a modern and sophisticated lady.

The contrast can be clearly seen between the soft drapery on the man to the sharp and angular suit and posture of the lady. Even though some of us feel that we have an endless list of weaknesses (like the broken arm and the minimal clothing of the man) and we fear that we are not meant to be loved, it is all in the head. We are our own weaknesses and it is about time we (or should I say, I) accept who we are and see the strengths instead of the weaknesses.

Well, this couple sure embraced the cliched proverb, “Opposites attract“.

sketch 9

This painting on the other hand, “ne m’oubliez pas” (or forget-me-not) revisits the french woman of the 18th century which lacks in the word ‘Couple’; like an eye or another hand. Also, the absence of a partner while still uttering “ne m’oubliez pas” suggest the state of being lonely. To have lost a loved one, the need of not being forgotten must have been ingrained in the persona’s head.

And with age, she continues to be plagued by a similar sense of loss and rejection.



2 Responses to Challenge Day 2: ne m’oubliez pas

  1. loh zhang ming says:

    pretty impressive, style mostly in fashion design of drawing, on the couple, prefer add some back ground color to enhance the subject, as u know colors bring out more effect eg : blue > calm, cool.

    • fizzyfizz says:

      Hi !

      I prefer the absence of colour or shades just to focus more on the couple. But I do get the point of injecting a mood. Thx for the suggestion. 8D

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