Challenge Day 3: Silent Menscape

Challenge Day 3: Write about something ugly — war, fear, hate, cruelty — but find the beauty (silver lining) in it.

(look at my beautiful stick-like fingers -_- I just had to model my own artwork)

mask 2

I actually completed this in a week ago using only newspaper, tissue paper, acrylic paint, bandage and a few of my mum’s embroidery chains. I have to confess: Neil Buchanan from Art Attack taught me how to do this. Talk about elementary level of art work. Anyways with the 2013 writing challenge, this piece I worked on hold an issue worth writing about in Challenge Day 3. I just hope I give the issue justice.

“Silent Menscape” presents a hidden social problem of the subjugation of men. It depicts a man being abused, both physically and sexually. (After having oral sex)

There is an association to the African masks to reflect the hurt and suffer the African American slaves have gone through during the early United states and how they have suppressed these emotions.

And while a mask hides one’s true emotions, I chose to use this object of protection of one’s identity to reveal the issue that lies beneath the weaker men. It also suggests anonymity and that everyone can be subjected to hurt and abuse in a relationship.

mask 1

The chains that are stuck to random parts of the face are product or result after oral sex. The O-shaped mouth clearly suggests the aforementioned; an act of the submissive; a loss of power. Both the idea of the reversal of gender roles and sexual abuse creates a controversial topic of same-sex relationships.

One might also say that this could be an act of molestation as the question of oral sex being pleasurable or tortured can be discussed.

Where then does the silver lining comes in? 

You’ve probably heard of “The abuse of beauty”, but how about “The beauty of abuse”? How can one see the light of such outrageous problems?

I guess through art, we are able to raise awareness of this silent issue. And in some way, love and compassion is what we need to approach victims of abuse and heal them so they (both genders) are able to get out of an abusive relationship only to become more stronger.


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