Challenge Day 6: Family Affairs

Challenge Day 6: Family

This picture was taken about 15 years ago.

And on the same sofa, this is my family today. And while my father is missing from this picture, he will be dearly missed.

It’s not everyday that I talk about my family. And like any other family, there’s always a mixture of personalities within us. We have:

The Sporty (My sister and brother)

The Artsy Farty (All of us)

The Cook (Mum and brother)

The Melodramatic and Emo (Me)

The Destroyer (Me and brother)

The Leader (Mum and sister)

With all the personalities, you can’t deny that there will be clashes among us, and there are plenty. But we always manage to get back together. That’s the truth about families right? No matter how hard you fight or disagree, the ties that bind are unbreakable and holds us close together.

Now, since ones workplace or school is our second home, then I can safely say that my branch mates are like my family members; each one of us plays an important role to the organisation. *Screams* I’m going to miss them so much

Until next time


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