Challenge Day 7: Fishy Hafiiz

Challenge Day 7: A pet who is loved.

sketch 10

I don’t have a pet and I don’t plan on having one simply because I do not want them to die.

Our family once did keep about half a dozen of Koi fishes and each of us had our own fish to name. Mine was a black one and I believed I named it after a Pokemon, “Poliwag”. Till now I have no clue to why I gave it that name. Maybe it was because it was my favourite Pokemon when I was little.

I know it’s a tadpole but it’s just too cute to resist. There was no love for my fish, so I don’t really know how it died. But I do know my dad took good care of them. So, probably old age because I remember having them for a long time.

Subsequent fish pets like fighting fishes and guppies were also unsuccessful after a month. Which is why I promised not to keep a pet anymore because they deserve a better owner.


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