Challenge Day 11: An adventure


The life that we have known is as buoyant as basalt. Bleeding the course of the ocean currents, I am taken wherever life has intended for me. All the stories of my adventures as a young and confused adolescent are scattered in the middle of the ocean.

The differential heat that drives the global currents sees a way for my stories to be shared. A part of me — brittle, broken and beyond recognition — is on an adventure as it travels westward along the currents. I was brought to my knees with shared stories ebbing away into oblivion. And it’s a funny thing for them to be on their new journey while I’m dreaming of seamless dreams.

Travelling the stretches of continents that drifts in an unfashionable manner, my brittle pieces of stories made its marks at places I’ve dreamed of visiting; Places of endless inspiration. Only those with the bravest of hearts and the strongest of souls, I thought, could be able to live their dreams. And I want to be one of them.

Well, it’s about time I fix myself and climb aboard my own ship before it set sails.



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