I saw a man …


I saw a man the other day, an old man holding a rolled up newspaper. He was standing in front of a reflective wall and was staring at himself with such despair. It’s not vanity for sure since all he wore was a brown polo T-shirt and a baggy pair of pants. He was looking at himself for 10 minutes almost analyzing his looks; Slightly tilted his head to the left and then the right and fixed his hair parting. He wasn’t making any sudden or gesticulating movements. It was just a really long stare as if his eyes read ‘disappointment’.

I was standing right beside him and I must have picked up a lot of sullen feelings from him and it made my eyes welled up a bit. (I’m pretty sure the music I was listening to wasn’t the contributing factor)

And that made me wonder; for someone who was sullen and dour-looking, he must be a very self-conscious person. What could he be thinking of? What could possibly be that bad to the point of him looking at himself as if there was no direction in life? Anyways, after that he dragged his feet and carried himself back.

All I could think of was giving him a hug, just a hug. I had a flashback because I once experienced that exact thing; I looked at the bus window while heading back home and it was just one of those days when you feel like crap. I believe it happened in me old office. Throughout the ride home, I was looking at myself and all I saw was a bedraggled ghost. It was the first time I’ve ever felt like that and I swore to myself never to be someone who could self-destruct at any moment.



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