Challenge Day 12: My fondest memory (South Africa)

Challenge Day 12: A favorite memory…

The first thing I could think of was the educational trip to South Africa during 2009. The culture, the people, the music, the food. Everything was an experience for me and one of my goals in the future is to visit South Africa again.

Who gets to sit in a safari truck knowing that there are hundred of wild animals roaming around the catchment area? Not a lot I can tell you that.

I’ve been looking at all the pictures and videos I took before writing this post and I could have never been happier. Mind you, this was supposed to be an educational trip about literature and the novel we were studying on, “Disgrace” by J.M Coetzee. Since the setting was in South Africa, it was a perfect excuse for me to experience new things.

But the best experience for me in this trip was when me and some other tourists were asked to perform an African dance with the local dancers. We were having dinner and this particular segment happened. When I was picked out of the crowd (maybe it was fate because I didn’t know what or why the local host picked me for the “dance-off”) I couldn’t help but be honored to participate in a dance and culture I respect so much. I remember so vividly dancing around a bonfire and I felt free. That’s the feeling when you let go, isn’t it? No boundaries, it’s just you.

The music there is also something foreign to our MP3 soundtrack. The video taken was a performance by the locals, “Mamaliye”. Almost every song they sang had an effortless harmony.


And then came the time we visited the school in one of the rural neighborhoods of Johannesburg. The children there, showed genuine happiness. If only our schools adopted that kind of energy and fun. Looking at their faces and the condition they are living and studying in, positivity is something they cannot afford to lose. They treated everything they had as a blessing and it thought me a great lesson; That I have nothing to complain about. These people represent scores of people living in places that most do not have the opportunity to interact with who had to work hard for the subsequent generations.

It’s also a reminder that even in this modern society and while we have made progress, we’re not done yet. The line that divides uneven development is even more apparent than ever and we are still miles away from achieving development.

I can’t stop thinking about them now.



One Response to Challenge Day 12: My fondest memory (South Africa)

  1. gnstr says:

    I’m glad you liked South Africa. Its a lovely country with great potential but because of a variety of “constraints”, will sadly not develop anytime soon. What’s more sad is that the constraints are totally rectifiable, but because of petty politics and maybe less than 50 powerful, but very evil people, the critical decisions which could propel south africa into say a country like newzealand, will not be made anytime soon.

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