Challenge Day 13: Remember that time when…

Challenge Day 13: “Remember that time when…”

1) Remember that time when you had to use vegetables as art tools rather than eating it? 

Usually they don’t turn out well unless of course you get ‘your’ mum to carve out an intricate design on a half potato *winks*

I’ve always love art lessons and during primary school I would enthusiastically complete my art projects and I was proud of every one of them.

2) Remember that time when slime was cool?

I loved how it runs and slid over and through your fingers. It was almost an advanced version of playing with a mixture of corn flour and water. Unfortunately, I stopped playing with is once it stained my clothes and it made my hands stink badly.

3) Remember when television shows were both educational and entertaining  at the same time?

Who would have thought science could be that entertaining? I learn more science in this show than I ever did in my primary school. I can remember so clearly the digestion episode.I bought the CD and the books, it was a great childhood actually. Now, I can’t be bothered to watch what’s on TV anymore.



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