Burberry and the cat expedition _ Fall/Winter 2013-2014

Wait, this is my 500th post! And I guess dedicating it to the Fall/Winter collection is the best way to celebrate this milestone.

Burberry FW 2013-14

Once again, Burberry delivered its winter wear for men with their classic use of outerwear. I was watching the video yesterday and I realized the animal printed shoes. And then I thought, “OK, a little accent of animal prints wouldn’t hurt”. And boy, was I wrong; There was leopard and tiger prints all over from the collars to the accessories and the coats.

Remember Burberry’s Fall/Winter collection 2012-2013?

Bailey’s use of animals as inspiration for the embroidery for the shirts and sweaters was innovative and fun. Now, I guess he stepped it up by incorporating animal prints to his collection. A daring move indeed.

I’m not a fan of the prints but it did added an adventurous jolt to the collection (unlike other collections). Adding on to Burberry’s classic colour palette of camel, olive and black, I love the touch of the deep reds and indigo. These additional colours were also seen in collections like Corneliani and Trussandi.

The materials Bailey used were also innovative; his use of “light-weight transparent rubber with a repeating heart lining” and cashmere “with new finishes and bonding to alter [its] texture” (Colleen Barry) were ingenious. I was asking myself what the materials were when I watched the video.

So I guess “Be daring” is the right value from this collection.



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