Challenge Day 14: Friends

Challenge Day 14: Friends

This would be the first and last time I’m doing a non-picture post. I ran out of sketches to share. This is what happens when you’re no longer slacking in the office anymore. But let’s just get into today’s topic, shall we?

I need friends. It’s a statement I’ll put a stamp on because they are the ones who keeps me sane and smiling. I can’t imagine life without any one of them. I have very few close friends but I prefer it that way and all of them have changed my life on way or another. However, I seem to be taking advantage of this friendship and that has prevented it from growing and blooming ever more.

I guess it’s still because of my fear of disappointing people; I just feel that I’m not deserving enough to be their friends. Sometimes, while I’m in a middle of a conversation with my friends, I’ll ask myself this question, “Why are you even talking to me?”; It’s this question that prevents me from developing a relationship far greater than friendship.

Since I’m starting my University life very soon, the first thing you need are your allies and that involves me try to be more open and receptive to social situations. I have to let go of all my fear of what people are thinking of me and stop feeling pitiful for myself. Sometimes I feel that God is looking down on me with such pity; to see me feeling worthless. Sometimes I feel like hiding under a mossy rock, one that wouldn’t be touched, and live life in seclusion.

It is about time that I get a hold on my life.


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