The beauty of uncertainty

Be aloof to the words behind you.


So I was looking through my notebook and it’s filled with notes, writing of boredom, to-do list, and all other crap-adjacent pieces. Then I came across this page of the book and I thought of how understated this piece of art could be.

I asked my colleagues and they thought it was just another piece of used paper. I then asked my mother — who better to ask than someone who can appreciate all things creative?

Me: Mum, what do you think of this? Would you hang it?

Mum: What’s that suppose to mean?

Me: I don’t know yet but is it nice? 

Mum: If there’s no meaning then, no.

And that got me thinking about the meaning of art and life; Does an artwork needs to have a meaning to be beautiful? Does the uncertainty of things mean nothing to us? Are we attracted to finding a reason for a particular subject? Is that why researchers spend almost all of their life committing to their work? Why do people go on a search for the meaning of life? Is curiosity the only reason to our state of development?

What if a storybook has an uncertain ending? Will it adversely affect its sales?

Uncertainty allows us to imagine about the possibilities. There is no need to find a definite answer to any question. (Ok, I take that back. Maybe we do need definite answers with regards to the field of medicine) We are always thinking about the ‘what if’s and while it creates thousands of possibilities, it also creates thousands of adversities to our thoughts.

A pessimist would be uncertain about his life and that would be detrimental to him. A dreamer, on the other hand, would find uncertainty a pathway for him/her to live creatively and that’s what we need in this society; the freedom for children to think and imagine. Parents too have been trying to mold their children to fit with the rest, if not be achievers. There’s no line now between us and the bionic being.

I still believe (I don’t know what I believe in anymore) that there’s something more to this ‘used paper’. And after about 15  minutes staring at it, I actually feel the art work. I looked at it again from another perspective and find an image and I saw a grumpy man tilting his head up. The brown strokes denoting his nose, lip and jawline and the black oval is his eye. I hope you can see what I’m talking about.

What could he be angry about? Is he being aloof to someone? Is he angry about the  uncertainty of words surrounding him? Is life being incoherent? There is a palette to his story that we can come up with.

I don’t care what people say, this is art to me.






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