We are the past

past and present

I have recently been obsessed with the creative process of a fashion show and how there’s a story behind every show. Just like art, it’s an excuse to make a statement and be heard; issues from prostitution to environmental awareness. Since freedom of speech here has its own limitations and restrictions, the closest we have is freedom of expression.

I watched her latest womenswear collection for Spring/Summer 2013 and it was as usual, amazing. There’s a combination of the retro and modern with a slight urban twist to it which Westwood does so well. So fashion aside, it’s not a Vivienne Westwood show without a political motive. This season She ended off her show with a banner stating, “Climate Revolution”

“Buy Less, Choose Less, Make it last”; She encourages people to consume less. A simple yet important advice for our carbon footprint given from a legendary fashion designer.

Her collection of reliving the past is reflective of her philosophy in life and also in her creations. From an interview during Spring/Summer 2011, she said that she tried ‘to engage with the world’.

“Mostly people don’t. They just consume and suck it up and I try to put something back in because that way you get something back. And I’m talking about culture; going to art galleries, read, all these things. Because the 20th Century, the whole modern world, the idea is that the past is something for the dustbin. You can’t have the present or the future without the past. And we’re very frail because we’ve lost touch of who we are. We are the past and we need to know that and I don’t know, if I’ve got new ideas, that’s where they come from.”

What a true visionary and a genius this fine lady is. A limitless pool of inspiration from the art, culture and history.

On the flip side, that is the answer to our problems and politicians are often going back to the past to correct the present. If we are able to notice the problems of the past and not be ignorant about it, there will be hope to progress.


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