Challenge Day 18: My first …

Challenge Day 18: Describe a “first” (first apartment, first kiss, first time driving a car, first lie, first big success, first roller coaster ride, first time in this setting).

Ones first experience would either be the last experience or the greatest one that has yet to come. And there are so many things I have done for the first time and many many more I have not done.

My first experience in a pub (Acid Bar) was an amazing one. I even went for a second time but I did not drink of course (Just a disclaimer in case my mum reads this). The ambiance’s great and the live band of course covers a whole range of genres.

My first interview was for an application to enter Singapore Management University (SMU) was nerve-wrecking; I was overly prepared will it sounded almost scripted and that was one lesson I have to learn the hard way. If something has a great deal of interest to me, the words would roll off my tongue more easily.

There was a first kiss but I’m not talking about that. Definitely not here or now. Maybe here but later, depending on the circumstances. Moving on!

My first performance on stage was when I was in primary school and our class recited a poem which my English/Art teacher,Mdm Chew (Respect her so much. She’s the reason to why I love the Arts). I know it was pretty boring and I only had a couplet to recite and boy did I recite it with gusto. I haven’t had a solo performance yet though. It’s funny now because I don’t remember feeling afraid or nervous or having all these self-worth thoughts during that time.

 What I haven’t done and I’m eagerly waiting is:

My first published illustrated book

My first nude shot at the beach (We can do that right?)

My first job in a magazine company



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