World Class Society?

sketch 14

I can vividly remember my social studies lesson about good governance and that one point about it was (or still is) ‘Leadership is key’. In essence it’s about leaders gaining the trust of people to lead. I’m not a very political person and many know how I tend to hover away from such topics because I always thought to myself, “Who am I to question their decision? They are far educated than I am, I might just embarrass myself”. But as I was doodling, that thought of the Utopian vision every country aims to stand.

What strikes me is how the wholesomeness is not revealed to the public, allegedly speaking; the flow of money, the process in which promises are kept and policies are implemented, the integration of traditional values and knowledge etc. We are shown though the news that the line between politics and policies are blurred and we are unaware of the intense game played behind the political curtains. I know, I’m already feeling like I’m walking on thin ice here. But if the existential threats of corruption continue, we ultimately have to pay the price of unpredictable returns.

sketch 13

My vision of the future is to take away the judgment of people in society because it is stressful. Our own individual beliefs and choices still remain as it is but not to the point of judging someone. I believe that we all should be our own loving selves. That’s the hippie in me talking. The art piece I did depicts how judgment exist in our everyday lives and even by the people of great power. Their minds are stained leaving trails of their own decisions that will adversely affect us.



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