Water me pretty

Today I actually had a really enjoyable time with my water color paint.If I may, my style of art or sketches is a cross between figurative and expressionism. And since I started out drawing fashion sketches, it would always be a part of my artwork somehow. So I wanted to do an experiment: To paint 2 pictures in 5 and 30 minutes respectively just to see how far my mind can go in a time constraint situation.

The first picture is a 5 minute painting titles, “For him”. I quickly drew and added the different brush strokes so that I can avoid the feeling of controlling my creative process. The imperfections do really add an edge to the painting and while I am not trained in realistic portraits, this is a good start for me.

sketch 16

This 30 minutes painting is ‘cleverly’ titled, “I’m lost because I can’t seem to find my way pass these fingers”.

sketch 15

Clearly, I need a lot of practice with my water color techniques and I need to be more spontaneous in my sketches.

Until next time!!



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