Not a well-rounded human being

“The lady in a red corset”

sketch 24

I still do not know what I’m really good at or what I can specialize in. Ever since secondary school, studying pure science and Additional Mathematics, I appreciated art and English even more. Like any other child, I was brought up with to live my parents’ expectations of being a doctor. And I did believe what they said and took it seriously. I was reading encyclopedias and other scientific books. Well, you can say that my foundation for English was bad.

So now, having great interest in writing and art, I’m battling with myself whether I’m good enough or not to pursue such fields. I’m good at writing but I’m not fantastic at it. (I mean, I can come up with a cheesy rhyme or two) The same goes for Art; I have such great appreciation for both creative fields because I can easily put all my problems aside and they can put me into another world where I can be myself.

What do I really want to be? An artist, writer, magazine columnist, cartoonist, essayist etc. Once I thought to myself, “Wouldn’t it be easier if I had just continued my education in the more scientific/engineering field?” NAH! I’ve already opted for the other route though (Arts and Social Sciences).

Now that I’m here, how then do I make it work?


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