Past snipped off

past snipped off

Long locks; Knows only to cover with not much to gain.

It’s been over 2 years since I had my hair this short (Plays ‘Ah Boys to Men’ soundtrack) but luckily it’s an inch longer than what it could have been. But since I’m starting my university education soon I need a hair style that is low maintenance. With the humidity recently, keeping my fringe straight has been a chore and I’d look like a fool with flop sweat on my forehead.

Now it’s easy, breezy, beautiful. Well, “smarter” so my mum claims it to be. Here’s the conversation we had when my mum cuts my hair.

Me: Wow, I haven’t seen my hair this short for a long time. It looks much better.

Mum: Yeah, you look much smarter.

Me: Then for the past 2 years, how do you think I look like?

Mum: Like a good boy trying to be a rebel but fails.

I guess a lanky person like me can never pull off a ‘rebel’ look. Anyways, it feels much more freeing with short hair. Now I don’t need to spend 10 minutes every morning to style it.

Until next time!



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