Soul torn apart



Hey everyone. How’s everyone doing on this Saturday? Fabulous? Well I hope it was. Mine was just blessed with this cold I unfortunately got. I tried to do my normal sketching but nothing really great came out of it.

I’d catch a cold really easily. Maybe I’m allergic to something, I don’t know. Maybe not but I definitely need to keep my health in check. It seems that I am short on the necessary nutrients and vitamins. Believe it or not, I’m taking at least 4 supplement pills; Iron, Cod liver, I lost track of the rest. Not really. Hey, I don’t eat much right? This is the reason why I’m still alive today.

My mum’s already forcing me to go to the park with her and exercise. So Yishun Park is just a few blocks away from my house and I have no excuse not to just walk around and take in some fresh air.

We’ll see.

Until next time!


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