Hafiiz tried illustrating happy people

This is the first picture I posted of my water colour painting using cold-pressed paper and I’ll do another post on my love for it because there’s a huge difference of using cold-pressed paper and normal paper. But today I’ll write about me trying something new but it failed.

So Epigram Books recently posted on Facebook stating that they need illustrators to work on a project. And they were looking for hand-drawn illustrations and mentioned that ‘a little quirky is good’. So immediately I thought, “Well, my sketches are 100% quirky and I’ve always wanted to push myself and be published. This is my chance!” I sat down at my normal working space (in front of my laptop watching a documentary on Cassowaries) and froze.

“I’ve never drawn a smile before let alone drawn images suited for children’s books,” I thought to myself. But I wanted to try. I tend to draw depressive figurative works so this could be a good practice; to get out of the box. 20 minutes later, I’m wondering how to draw a cute figure that would look good in a pages of a book. I was suppose to draw a a girl about seven years old, a boy about five years old, and a three-year-old boy. And to make things worst, I wanted to complete the night they posted it because I’d to head to Malaysia the next morning.

I thought I did a pretty good job and I sent the images along with my perverse illustrations (Yeah, including the illustrations of a man blowing himself.) How silly was that. Well, I’m definitely getting a call/email from them for sure. Look at the boy in green. I think it’s cute. And since it won’t be used, I’ve decided to call him Jimmy. And I’ll insert him in some of my sketches.

sketch 22IMG_5006

I thought my illustrations were great until someone commented on the post and mentioned this lady who goes by, “Little Pink Pebble”. (Do you like how I call myself Little Boy Blue and she’s Little Pink Pebble?) So I checked her works out and I just pooped in my pants. The quality of her work is so professional. You can check out her site: Little Pink Pebble.

Such a talented lady. Just beautiful.

Little Pink Pebble

You might think that I’m jealous of her talent. But I’m actually not. Even I thought I could be jealous of her. Instead, I was in a state of appreciation of her work. And I wish her all the best in her future projects.

Until next time!


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  1. pebble says:

    haha thanks for the kind words – littlepinkpebble

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