Wonders of Cold-pressed paper


This is my first attempt at using cold-pressed paper for my water colour paintings and I am loving it. I bought the 12 by 9 inches set of 50 pieces from Art Friend at Bras Basah and it’s heavy. I didn’t know that cold-pressed paper was that thick and heavy but then again it explains why the paper does not buckle or tear when I accidentally pumps in additional water on the paper. So I divide the paper into halves so it’s a nice postcard size, perfect for gifts or simply because I work well with smaller images and I wanted to safe cost.

I’m still working on how to do a proper bloom in water colour. Every time I have a wet brush in contact with an already wet spread of colour, it doesn’t bloom as expected. Maybe the layer was still extremely wet. Oh to those who do not know what blooming is:

That’s some good blooming. I can accidentally get this effect from my coffee stain but not with water colour. Why?

So apparently I have to blot onto my layer of ‘almost dry’ surface in order to achieve that.



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