Works on paper: Ink and bleach

In this series of “Ink and bleach”, I was spurred by the feelings of present and absent at a particular moment. There’s this idea of polar entities emerging and interacting with each other; both are fluids that cause changes in the visual impact in different ways. They are actively doing so in the process.

Battle between creation and destruction
Precision in destruction
The runaway
Quietly bleeding

Change is fluid and not a static one at that.

The effect of ink is immediate and apparent once its been brushed onto the paper. It’s visibility is in contrast to the effect of bleach; slowly disintegrating the ink particles. The invisible state of bleach represents only but the unseen destiny that holds upon us.




The effect of bleeding through the bleach as it’s being disintegrated is by itself aesthetically pleasing.

We are able to dictate our own stories and experiences in life but all can be altered — almost decayed through time. This process felt closer to that of the memory we have and how it is constantly fading away from our mind.


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