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High Fashion or Bad Hair Day?

What's beauty?

What’s style to you?

I made love in the woods last night.

I tried to go back to my fashion sketches but manipulate it a bit. I love the process of manipulation — in images of course. Attending art lessons in my secondary school days, I would always enjoy the art assignments for the exams. It’s like writing — you can create any stories you want — but visual.

sketch 18

I made love in the woods last night.
It tickled me for hours with its fingers so wrinkly,
and covered us both with its leaves so dry.
Its rough skin hurt (though only for a while)
till nature finds me sick and vile.

Hiding among those who could still witness this crime,
I felt sinned -- not for the funny things the creatures have seen,
but to be the one to've hide and not reveal.

And after we're done, it threw me down.
Down to where I almost had it
Crawling back forever hoping
that it will happened again under the sheets.

Burberry Womenswear Autumn/Winter 2013

It’s finally out! The Womenswear collection for Autumn/Winter 2013 by Christopher Bailey. Perfect music, models, prints, materials and everything else. And yes, we’re definitely seeing more dramatic animal prints and a little something more.

What a perfect complementary collection to the Menswear’s last month.

See post by Needlerose

Until next time!!

Oriental Designs (Chinese New Year Fashion)



CNY designsCNY designs 2

Oriental Designs (Chinese New Year Fashion).

Hey there again. My mum drew these sketches for Chinese New Year — Modesty, vintage, sexy.

Link to her blog, above.

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