Mother’s Day at Gardens By The Bay

For this year’s Mother’s Day, we went to Tulipmania at Gardens By The Bay. I wouldn’t do this post if it has no relation to art. Nature has inspired me in my illustrations and being surrounded by a fields of flowers and other non flowering plants was definitely an endless pool of inspiration.



But here’s the highlight of my day: There was this art activity corner where we had to design our own postcards. The moment I saw a watercolour set, my heart skipped a beat. It was therapeutic, especially after walking so much. There were people from Laselle who I guess volunteered to hold this activity, I’m not sure but they were great. So here are the finished pieces done by my family.


Brother’s impressionist work of ‘Autumn’, Mum’s dancing caterpillar, my yanky doodle landscape, and my sister’s minimalist piece of a flower.

Until next time 🙂


Lightening gradually



The technique I used for the print above is quite simple. It’s by using a net/lace over a piece of paper and swiping a strip of paint over it creating this print and texture. Albeit the stain, it somehow feels calming and zen. It wasn’t of any inspiration, I wanted to experiment with texture and objects I find around the house to make art.

Watch “Vivienne Westwood Gold Label A/W 2013-14 – Videofashion” on YouTube

Josiah Leming _ Angels Undercover

So I was watching the recent episode of American Idol Season 12 and this song was played during Kayden Stephenson’s audition. I’m surprised I haven’t heard of this song before. It’s so easy to empathize with this song sung by Josiah Leming who coincidentally was a contestant on American Idol. I did not know that at all.

Enjoy the song.

Take me to the church where my father and my mother
Prayed for me and my dear brother
While the angels undercover cursed our names
Children, do you believe in heaven?
Tell me, do you believe in heaven?
‘Cause there’s a place that’s filled with flames
And it’s calling out your name
So you best believe in heaven
With your blind and absent faith

And take me to the park where we played, the light went dark
And even jesus didn’t matter
’cause our souls were filled with laughter
And our laughter reached to heaven
While our sorrows went to hell

Take me to the fields where my father spent his days
Slaving for a beggar’s wage
The day is over, turn the page
There’ll be another when you wake
Waiting in your cup of coffee
And you hear our mother coughing
As you whisper to her softly
But we still hear we every strain
We still hear every strain

And take me to the house where my mother rests her bones
In that chair she rests her bones
Quietly, unsuspecting throne
Lock me out, but don’t deny her what she owns
Because i don’t believe in heaven
No, i don’t believe in heaven
There’s a place that’s filled with flames
And it’s calling out my name
’cause i don’t believe in heaven
Lock me out but don’t deny her what she owns
Lock me out but don’t deny her what she owns…

And take me to the church where my father and my mother
Pray for me and my dear brother
While the angels undercover cursed our names…

Challenge Day 21: Sex, art, literature, penis

Challenge Day 21: Something erotic.

I’ve been wanting to post this sketch I did and coincidentally, I saw Day 21 as an opportunity for me to post it. I was inspired by Bussaraporn Thongchai’s paintings that confront the gender issues exhibited in the Singapore Art Museum. Also, my friend told me that almost all of my sketches have phallic symbols so I might as well go all out on it. It was pretty awkward sketching this at home in front of my sister. I could not stop laughing.

phallic issue

One day he made a package of all the clothing and went to a house of prostitution. He found a woman who was physically similar to the governess. He made her dress in the governess’s clothes. He watched her lace up her corset, which lifted up her breasts and set off her buttocks; watched her button the brassiere and slip on her panties. Then he asked her to put on the stockings and the boots.

His excitement was tremendous. He rubbed himself against the woman. He stretched himself at her feet and begged her to touch him with the tip of her foot. She touched his chest first of all, then his belly, then the tip of his penis. This caused him to leap with ardor, and he imagines it was the governess who was touching him. 

He kissed the underclothing and tried to possess the girl, but as soon as she opened her legs to him, his desire died, for there was a little mole?

(An excerpt from the book “Delta of Venus”. Chapter, ‘”The Basque and Bijuo” (pg 168))

It’s not an excerpt from ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ because I know for a fact that it covers this topic so well … and beyond.


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