Torn suppression

“Torn suppression”

Paint strips and paint


In “Torn Suppression”, I used torn pieces of wall paint and painted them to look like rock textures. The process of tearing up wall paint reminds us of the outcome of violent repression in ones home. It tries to comment on an attempt to break free from the four walls of the living space.



And by manipulating the texture of the ripped paint into a geological state, it represents an act of preserving the consequences of released anger and recreating it into an object. Puzzling the pieces together becomes an intimate act of self-reflection and empowerment. The abstract outcome reflects the beauty of it by overcoming ones fears and emotions. Succumbing to them is healing and healthy.


What’s your love language?

Love Language scores

So I did this quiz to discover my love language and surprisingly, I have “Receiving gifts” and “Physical Touch” that tied with each other. I did this quiz twice because initially, I was solely doing this quiz with a particular person whom I admire in my head and not in general about those I love like my friends and family. I can say though that having 4 of the love languages with close scores makes sense to me.

Take the test here:

Strongest love language 1: Receiving Gifts

gift 2 Gift 1

I’m a gift-giver. Those in my workplace would know that very well; I’d make birthday cards for my colleague, I’d buy candy canes and tie little messages on them for Christmas/New Year, I’d present a sketch of mine to almost all of my colleagues. Even during my birthday, I’d appreciate the presents that were given to me.

Strongest love language 2: Physical Touch


Don’t be surprised by this because I am too. I’m not a very touchy person in general. I avoid hugs, cuddling, kisses but I do appreciate them. While I was doing this quiz, there’s this internal conflict. While I do want to show affections from physical touch there’s this voice in my head that chants, “You’re not worth it” and I am afraid that it would not reciprocate back. Maybe that’s why. As for the flip side, why I don’t allow or why I cringe when someone hugs me is because such acts of affection were once being misused against me and I felt uncomfortable ever since.

And because of that incident, I am sensitive to the topic of abusing relationships and that has blocked me from allowing “Physical Touch” even when I do need them.

Weakest love language: Acts of Service

This particular love language I suppose I often misinterpret or ignore. Be it from helping me in a particular task or teaching me something, I sometimes do get the tingly feeling from that significant other but I see it more of random acts of kindness rather than a love language. Don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy helping people.

Words of affirmations

While I was doing this quiz, I saw “Words of Affirmations” as a personal language rather than a love language and I really thought it was going to be the top of all 5. That’s because I take things that people say to heart and everything that they think or say affects me greatly.

I really think that I can tap into the 4 top love languages because they balance each other out. And maybe the reason to why I do not have one really strong love language is because of my internal conflict to see what’s portrayed as love and how to take it in. And that has resulted to me blocking the emotions out of my system.

I thought I could be a …

When I was in Primary School, the only thing that kept me excited about Physical Education was the gymnastic lessons. Those were the days when I truly shined. I was great at it; the handstand, some contorted position, beam exercises and all.

Of course they were basic ones, I was so young. Did I mention I aced it? I actually thought that my future could be in gymnastics. They had so much strength and grace. It was a form of art I truly appreciate; the same goes with all types of art.

Well, as I grew, my joints hardened (I can’t even touch my toes) and I became a walking stick. And boy, that’s fine with me!

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