Back to Motown.

That’s right readers. Before the whole Indie Alternative and Folk music that I realized was the genre that I truly love, there was one specific genre that will always be part of my music collage. And that’s MOTOWN

It’s the 1960s to the 1980s beat that keeps me both dancing and crying [OK not crying but more of spiritually connected]. 

So this will be somewhat of a music review, but I’ll bring back some of my favourite Motown songs here. 

1) Please Mr.Postman_The Marvelettes

This song is originally sung by the Beatles but I prefer the Marvelettes’ version. The meaning of the song is simple. It’s about a Postman who could change the lives of this lady. He’s holding a love letter from her lover and she desperately wants him to “check and see, one more time for [her]

2) Ain’t No mountain high enough_Marvin Gaye

I first heard this song from Sister Act 2. It was part of the credits and I fell in love with the original version by marvin gaye and tammi terrell. As usual it’s about how distance is not a concern when it comes to love. It’s a shoulder-grooving kind of song. So go listen to it. Do it for the late Marvin Gaye!

3) I say a little prayer for you_Aretha Franklin

This Motown Soul song is sung by the Queen of Soul, Aretha Franklin. I’d usually listen to this song in secondary school while revising or doing my homework with my clique but they’d be like, “Who she?”

Let me tell you something, if you don’t know who Aretha is, it’s like when your grandmother don’t even know who Lady Gaga is. Come on, break that musical boundary you have around you. [OK, I hate dark metal, so no one is ever going to make me listen to those genre]

So the song is about love again [I really think Motown is during the time of love, unlike today which is mostly about death and dwelling about breakups… pfft]

4) Love is like a Heatwave_Martha Reeves and The Vandellas

Maybe all three of them are Lizzie, Suadi and Hadassah in the 1960s. This one is a more fast paced song you can dance to. A lot of you may have heard it before. You might find it a bore, but I still love it. I think anyone can sing it. There are some corny dance moves I find, hilarious, but it’s still great.

So there you go, I know it’s not a modern post for you guys but enjoy! Maybe a rant post soon.



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